About Us

Breakaway is the only UK wide charity offering support to children with bladder and/or bowel diversions/dysfunction and their families. Since 2006 Breakaway has helped around 300 families, taking them out of isolation and helping them to realise that they are not on their journey alone.

In December 2013 the Breakaway Foundation was launched, this change in charitable status to a charitable incorporated organisation, has allowed us to expand the scope of our charitable aims.  Breakaway is now able to support children from birth to 18, meaning that parents will no longer feel alone in those very difficult early years. 

In 2007, 30 nervous people attended the first ever Breakaway weekend, and since then we have gone on to welcome almost 1,500 people to our weekend activity breaks, watching them zip wire from a 40ft tower, canoeing on the river, bridge building, holding a critter, and much more!

In 2013 we held our first Only Kids Allowed weekend, offering the chance for children aged 11 and above to spend a weekend away without mum and dad, helping them to gain their independence and learn to self care, often for the first time.

Our new family information days are taking Breakaway to all corners of the UK. Linking up families in local areas, helping those who are isolated, lonely and frightened to meet others, and to forge new friendships that will be there at times of need.